Green & Black’s

A YCN 2011 Student Awards brief. Good Investments Pay off is
an insert found in the financial section of quality papers like
The Guardian. The middle spread of the insert folds out to
transform from a description of great investment opportunities
into a showcase of Green & Black’s. The closing page features
a short editorial article that celebrates Green & Black’s
20 years of pioneering ethical trading and organic farming.

The insert takes the audience by surprise by cheekily misleading
them before revealing itself as an advert for Green & Black’s.
Instead of down playing the premium price of the product, the
campaign boasts about it, pushing the idea that trading up to
the more expensive bar is a good investment. The Brand is shown
to to be witty and tongue in cheek, changing perception of
Green & Black’s as being exclusive into ‘everyday special’.

Making use of sequential ads on escalators allows the tease
and reveal approach of the initial publication insert advert
to be opened up to a wider audience. Strategically placing
these in only London Underground stations of affluent areas
assures the campaign is seen by the desired audience.

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